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Established in 1850.

The first grocery store in Coarsegold was built in 1850 by a German named Charles Michealitske, who later changed his name to Micheals. It was located across the street, approximately where the present-day hardware store was. In 1872 John Krohn came to Coarsegold Gulch with his family and went into partnership with Mr. Micheals.

In 1878 John Krohn and Charlie Micheals built a lovely hotel and named it St. Charles Hotel. On opening night Charles Micheals died. Room was needed to expand the hotel because of the influx of miners working in the area so around the turn of the century a new store was built across the street on this present location. The new grocery store was 2 stories tall. Club meetings, elections and dances were held in the second story. When dances were held the building swayed & canned goods would fall off the shelves. Movies were shown once a week upstairs, too.

The store had a soda fountain, pot bellied stove and sold everything from dynamite to meat,beans to bullets.

We are a full service family owned local grocery market that provides for your daily household needs including fresh cut Deli meat, Fresh Produce, Ice-Cream, Ice, Beer, Wine and Liquor. Among other things, we also carry camping supplies such as firewood, Charcoal etc along with fish & tackle supplies.

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